The Self Help Hipster Podcast

s02e10 - The life-changing magic of getting your shit together

November 1, 2017

We read TWO books! We read The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving A Fuck and Get Your Shit Together by Sarah Knight.



LIANNE: I have been doing reiki before going to bed, which is somewhere in between an "energy healing" and a very relaxing meditation (I'm still on the fence what it actually is, I just enjoy the moment to chill and connect with myself). It's been nice. BUT. New challenge is me editing the chapters of my book, to hand in a manuscript. Exciting times.

ANDREW: Too busy, but the tracking mornings is up for the next episode. There is a fresh unboxed 5-minute journal ready to be used.


We read TWO books! We read The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving A Fuck and Get Your Shit Together by Sarah Knight.

The ebook for Life Changing Magic of Not Giving A Fuck is only 5 euros here!* And Get Your Shit Together is also just 5 euros here!* BUY THEM. Best 10 euros you'll spend this year, because in my humble opinion these are the best self help books of 2017.

Andrew (more of less) agrees, except he got more out of the previous book (the Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck by Mark Manson) because he already applied a lot of the stuff from Sarah's first book about not giving a fuck to his life. Get Your Shit Together however? Made him realise he wants to get more of his shit together.

Our favourite aspects of The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving A Fuck is how Sarah explains you have a "Fuck Budget" and there is only so much fucks you can give about certain things. And it is okay to not give a fuck about things like meetings (Andrew) or birthday parties where you don't know anybody (Lianne).

Our favourite quotes from Get Your Shit Together:

"Just because you are doing a ton of shit all day, every day, does NOT mean you have your shit together. It means you are a high functioning human to-do list potentially on the verge of total mental and physical collapse."
"I know so many people who complain about there finances. Who lament not being able to pay for or save for thes or that. They think of money as a lion that can't be tamed. Or worse, as a cute, fuzzy little Norway in the streets and a gremlin in the sheets. In reality, money is just a piece of paper and you are a real live human being with free will and probably two pairs of sneakers. If you're someone who says "I can't make it to payday without dipping into my savings" or "I'm always spending a little more than I should" then you're allowing money to build a prison around you and make you its bitch. What I'm saying is, don't be money's bitch."
As mentioned before, buy the set.


ANDREW: His van, obviously, and the idea of living in a TinyHouse on an acre of land in Sicily. I plan to visit and eat pasta.

LIANNE: DIWMOTZ. The website, the book (buy it because it's cute, cheap and perfect to put in the bathroom so that when you hear people laughing, you know that they're pooping on your toilet), the people I met at the book launch. Deal with it.


LIANNE: Stranger Things S2 is AMAZING. (I spent quite a bit of the podcast explaining the concept of Stranger Things to Andrew because he's never seen any of it.) I am also really into 80's music at the moment.

ANDREW: Bladerunner! Both the old and the new version. Apparently it's a go-see, because it's beautiful cinematography AND a great film.


Because it was the season finale we also talked about our ALL TIME FAVORITE honourable mentions.

Bojack Horseman. A show that takes some getting used to but is so funny and smart and deep you are hooked for life.
Rick.& Morty, because of this clip.
Reese's Pieces, because at one point I talked about it so much.
And my Dad Wrote A Porno because it hit us hard and fast at the end of the series.

Other random stuff we said we would link below:

Favourite twitter hashtags reedit:
The Alvin and the Chipmunks movie classic:
Susannah Herman's Youtube Channel:
McDonalds Mulan Szechuan Sauce: