The Self Help Hipster Podcast

s04e03 - Finish - by Jon Acuff

September 28, 2020

Welcome to another episode of The Self Help Hipster Podcast. Where we discuss a monthly book we've read and quickly move over to our pop-culture pleasures and our obsessions.

Shownotes below


Bill O'Reilly Freakout: We'll do it live!


We recap the Morning Pages experience, which Lianne will continue for her 30 Day Challenge. Andrew will switch to Data Tracking, which ties in with the book of the month AND our next book. 

For a great Dutch read on The Artist Way that is currently sweeping the nation once more because of the 25-year anniversary of this book, check out this article by Merel (De Groene Meisjes):

For a great English interview with Julia Cameron, the creator of the Artist's Way with Brian Koppelman:


Jon Acuff's book Finish: Give Yourself The Gift of Done (2017)! 

Jon Acuff is an author and motivational speaker and this book is all about tackling and overcoming perfectionism so you'll keep working on the stuff you WANT to be working on. In his book, with a dry sense of humor, Jon talks about a lot of great strategies in both action and mindset to overcome the things that keep you from finishing your work and projects. 


Ethan Fields 

Meme Songs that I LOVE:

The ABSOLUTE BOP that I am obsessed with: Watermelon Sugar But It's Blinding Lights.

Selling Sunset: a Netflix show by the maker of the Hills about real estate agents in Los Angeles 

The Boys: Very dark and gritty superhero show on Amazon Prime. 

Black is King: The AMAZING visual album by Beyonce on Disney+ 

Tenet: Andrew saw Tenet and it's GREAT, a wonderful blockbuster. 


Andrew is obsessed with these Bamboo Hema Boxershorts:

Lianne is obsessed with her AppleWatch (A wonderful hand-me-down from Susannah) and - the Birthday Gift she received from Susannah, WITH help from Andrew who built the website and created it with her! 


168 Hours by Laura Vanderkam. Actually inspired by Susannah and perfect for Andrew who is going to do some datatracking for the upcoming episode. 

See you then! 

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