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s04e02 - The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

July 10, 2020

In this episode, Lianne Keemink and Andrew Chin discuss the book "The Artist's Way, by Julia Cameron".

Among other things..


30 Day Challenge

  • Andrew's challenge was: Take one deep breath a day. He did and found that it helped with relaxation and composure. Drew's also watching/listening to the Abraham Hicks meditations
  • Lianne's challenge was: Act on one whim a day. I was a bit 'challenged' by the totally normal times, but it worked well. It is very satisfying! 
  • Next 30-day challenge for both of us: the Morning Pages from The Artist's Way! 

Book of the Month 

This month Drew and I discussed The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron! 

It is a book published 25 years ago by Julia Cameron, who has an impressive body of work of mostly non-fiction, but also some fiction and screenplays. 

It's currently 12$ on Amazon and 18€ on, but we've mainly included these links so you can read about the book: If you're able to, buy your book at the bookstore near you so we will still have bookstores in the future! 

The main things Drew and I got out of The Artist's Way? 

  • The Morning Pages: Every morning you write 3 pages in a journal, stream-of-consciousness. Chris Winfield explains it fairly well right here. Andrew and I are doing this for our 30-day challenge for the next podcast, so we can talk a little more in-depth about the actual experience. 
  • The Artist's Date: A recommended 2-hour period dedicated to a creative project. You can find more information about that here

Julia Cameron is a very talented writer, so we also talk about her beautiful style (which makes sense because practicing every morning with the morning pages definitely helps) and the inspiration you can find in this book for creativity in your life, in whatever shape or form most suits you! 

Pop Culture Pleasures



Other things we discussed
The book by Des Blelis is called Ik ben er (ook) nog

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